“Pop-Up” Restaurant

It’s the start of the week-end, it’s Friday night and it’s for getting together with GREAT  friends and enjoying a GREAT dining experience in a unique private dining room in the centre of Birmingham.

Started by the poorer citizens of  Havana in their own homes to make a living “supper clubs”gave the tourist to Cuba the alternative to the restaurant establishment. Although illegal it proved to be hugely popular and the concept was taken back to America and embraced by the “fashionista” of large American cities, such as New York, and became “the thing to do” for a GREAT night out.

“Pop-Up” restaurant arrives in Birmingham

  • You choose the Menu with the Chef
  • You choose the Wine
  • You agree the donation
  • You just relax and enjoy

Private Parties of a minimum of 20 guests catered for.

For further details speak to Mike Betts, on the contact information below.